SO YES… Finally I take my initiative to write something- Write my perceptions -my point of views -in my way for the world of fashion.
FASHION  – and there starts popping up images of clothes and pretty dresses and shoes and bags and jewellery and celebrity fashionistas and designer labels and…… wooo the list is endless… the mind starts boggling at its very thought, why not! In every nook and corner we have people who are fashion-lovers, dying to portray them as That-girl-who-is-so-stylish! You relate? So do I.
Fashion is something that talks about upcoming and on-and-out going trends. And if you start a research you’ll end up amidst such a lot of information and more ! Fashion is endless , absolutely endless. We have a changed trend every moment! But if everyone wears what THEY like and mix and match it in their own creative way, is what i would call fashion , because to me fashion is a lot about comfort as well (though, we wouldn’t stop wearing high heels at a cost of annoyingly aching feet! )
So.. I would bring to you some latest trends , some old trends , and much more that could relate to a girl-next-door like me . Yes , we at a naive stage are still wondering how to go in shoulders with fashion , we’ll together explore and together learn 🙂

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