Tartan addiction!

We live in one such society which is a little traditional in nature. Our Alma meter gifts us with a lot of restrictions when it comes to fashion – no sleeveless , (off sleeves is way beyond) , no short dress , and in short no skin exposure. (I guess you are smiling to yourself saying true that!) Partly, I come in that pigeonhole too.
At times we tend to take our families as in how orthodox they can be.
But girls, c’mon we cant force them to change their years-long perspectives all of a sudden. All we can do is style ourselves without a squabble with the traditions!
One of my favourite trends that can work wonder for GIRL-NEXT-DOOR like us – TARTAN !
Often a staple fashion trend of Canadian wardrobe, tartan and plaids are the pick of this season!
Have a look at my favourite tartan combination!
A tartan trouser with a simplest black blouse and to adorn it with an almost similar tartan scarf , camel sling and a watch!  Pair it with high heels for a glam-up look, and you are done!
Hang your hairs loose or tie it tight, this look is going to work in every way! Trust me!

Tartan addiction!


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