VICTORIA’s SECRET 2013 – The sexiest show on earth!

Victoria’s Secret ..ohh and the girls go in their dreams and so do the boys (naughty !) Everyone of you sitting there must be well aware of the brand which is more than famous for its lingerie and sleepwear and it had it grand grand show yesterday in Manhattan . 40 super sexy angels (the models are supposedly called the Victoria’s angels) set the ramp on fire with their oomph, it truly is the sexiest show on earth!
It is yet to go on air which is scheduled in December but some of my favorite tit bits from the mega show i would love to share .
Over the years , Victoria’s Secret show always had a show stopper wearing a FANTASY BRA (now i know you all must be eagerly wanting to know what that is) . Fantasy Bra is as its name is… absolutely a girls fantasy , which costs a fortune. Looking back at the years the VS made $2 million fantasy bra in 2010 and termed it as bombshell , following up with Miranda Kerr sporting the Shell Shaped TREASURE FANTASY BRA worth $2.5 million (she looked like an angel, truly). 2012 had Allessandra Ambrosio wearing a floral floral fantasy bra and finally this year , it is CANDICE SWANEPOEL honour to wear a fantasy bra worth $10 million egraved with rubies and diamonds and everything, of course the theme was royal ! Man, really a bra worth $ 10 million!
                                           Candice Swanepoel in VS Fantasy Bra
So people what do you think of it? I am utterly astounded!
The extravaganza had a plethora of colors and mind boggling costumes! The VS Designer took a lot of themes that included :
British Invasion– filled with strict yet sexy British looks .
Bird of Paradise-adorned with the wings and feathers like birds , which must have definitely set the onlookers go gaga !
Shipwrecked – So those sheers must have wrecked the ramp with heat
Pink Network –  where the models looked not less than candies (so eatable)
Snow Angels – All white, all snow white and all angelic!
Parisian Night – Paris = Glamour = Style = Amazing!
Renowned personalities that oozed the show included Cara Delevingne, Adriana Lima, Taylor Swift and Alessandra Ambrosio!
Gosh! What a brilliantly sexy show!
Fashion lovers, what do you think of the angelic-show?

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