P-O-P Art !

Ever wondered what makes all the designers come up with such amazing amazing collection? What makes them think so creatively and come out with such beautiful designs that we run behind to buy them , and flaunt as well? Like all the artists , they get inspired. Inspired from the nature, from everyday life, from objects , from art and from people like YOU AND ME too!!

Inspiration, is not a big word . You like something , you feel something about it and eventually you get inspired.

What designers do is they compile a lot of things like pictures, music, videos related to their inspiration and create a board called the MOOD BOARD which depicts their concept.

I have created my own mood board depicting my inspiration at one point of time.

Have a look.


Any ideas what my inspiration was?

Colors ? Music ? Comics? or may be “POP

Pop Art it is! It is an art which is based on popular culture depicting people as well as the traditional values ironically.

I have added what i thought of as POP , the pop colours, the images inspired by the famous pop artists ANDY WARHOL and some fashion elements.

Its as easy as it looks. Just start collecting pictures from magazines and newspapers and the web and show your inspirations.

Let me know how’d you liked my inspirational mood board 😀

I’ll soon come up with my design illustrations based on the POP ART 😀

Keep Blah-blah-ing 🙂


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