DIY – Detachable Collars !!

Hello fashion mongers!

DIY – one of the trendiest , hippest terms in fashion , that we come across these days. And for those who are still wondering what DIY is , let me tell you its DO-IT-YOURSELF! Having come across umpteen number of DIY’s, there was no limit to my creative curiosity , and an incompressible urge to try doing some stuff myself .Thankfully, another of my friend had a mutual feeling (kudos!)

So we started looking around on what can be used and what could be made, and eureka! It was collars. Yes, these days you already find a lot of detachable collars, all you have to pair it up with anything you like.. and here you go fashionistas! Our idea was to adorn and embellish it with eye-lashes! It might sound weird to you (It sounded weird to a teacher of mine too, where she proclaimed it to be as kiddish! Disappointing!)

Nevertheless, we stuck on to it , and came out with beautiful looking collars !

We made two collars…


We simply combined a shirt collar with golden glitters and painted orange eyelashes for a border! And its done! Wearing it with any tube dress or a corset would not leave it without adding a glam-quo! Trust me!

The other collar isn’t that blingy .. here it is…



A Saree teamed up with you own DIY collar , and yes, indeed it looks fashionable, indeed! HOT! HOT!

What i really learned and discovered from DIY is that when it comes to design and fashion DIY’s are money savers, and unique too!

What do you think about my first ever DIY project ? Would you try making one for yourself or your friends ?


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