Sunday Brunch…

Sunday Brunch...

Zara pants

H&M brown high heel shoes
$25 –

Chain purse

Graham Brown plain wallpaper
$26 –
So its Sunday , and you need to go out to dine with your family and near and dear ones. My first reaction would be oh no! I need to dress up again , why cant i simply sit at home in my pyjamas! But hey, I discovered and compiled this immensely sunday-ish attire , and to add on to that its not that casual as well.
Printed floral pants  are a must have for all those of you who like to KISS (Keep it simple,silly)  . To add on a reason why you should own one such pant, let me reveal that the florals are again topping the SPRING SUMMER 2014 trend chart!
Add on a tee of any colour you feel for the day and a blazer and bang on , you are ready for a sunday brunch!
What’ya think folks? Would you try that ensemble next sunday out?

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