Know the COLOURS -S/S 2014

Hey blah-blah-ers!

Its 2014 already ( 13 days to it) , and with the new year those fashion gods present us with a new set of colours as well, colours for the new season – the Spring/Summer 2014 .

Having said that before, there are girls like me, who dare-not wear some clothes that would reveal, so yoo-hoo , we have a fantastic option to sport the sexiest and the trendiest of colours! Color Splash your wardrobe with the new shopping you’d do for yourself.

Spring 2014, is more than a myriad of colors, and I bet. you’d love every bit of it, a colour for every mood, and every day and just every occassion. Damn, talking about colours excite me, sure enough they’d do the same to you. Have a look …


Isn’t the palette so delicious! In addition to it, neutrals – black, white, beige, brown , grey, they never go out of trend. So to those dull-mood-days, you always have the neutrals ! 😉

What do you think of these colours (Thanks to pantone, of course) ?

Excited enough to try on these colours?

Ask me!


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