DIY – Garment Reconstruction


Bored with a boring t-shirt ? Thinking to give it away or throw it off your wardrobe? Annoyed with its faded colours?

C’mon chill fashion-enthusiasts , there is so much to do with your boring wardrobe members , making them look fun and unique in just a few minutes. Reconsider that poor old thing lying in a corner of your closet and do something experimental .

There was this little faded, boring black t-shirt in my wardrobe, which I suddenly discovered one-day. …  Image

Still being it one my my most favorite stuff to wear, I had to do something with it .

I started looking around my art supplies and got a little tiny box of golden glitters. Gold and glitter both are an attraction to me. And what I did to my t-shirt was ….


An Illusion of collars and buttons !!

What say fashion followers? Would you try something .. It’s okay if it doesnt work out  (It is my first try as well) , but fashion is experimenting! Hold no fear!


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