Paris Wannabe!

Howdy Fashionistas?
All you fashion lovers out there.. I know you all will definitely dream of going to “THE FASHION CITY” once in your life .. and explore how fashionably beautiful a city can be. Welcome to the league of paris-dreamers 🙂
So, known as the HUB of fashion , Paris is  sure shot place I would go to realise the true sense of fashion.  Think of a well known designer and check where they belong- and you’ll be shocked to know those high-end classy, fashionable designers belong to this fashion home … Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier,Hermers, Louis Vuitton , YSL , and just name them… the list is endless.
And girls, you’ll feel under-dressed seeing those street styles popping out of nowhere and everywhere… and here’s what will be the first thing I would love to experiment .. a suspender skirt, a classy blazer and a cute little beanie! Pretty little sheen-footwear and a bag, and you’re ready to bombard the fashion city like a fashionista!

Paris Wannabe!

So, dreamers, do you really dream of being there one day.. and would you experiment with this look?

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