Embrace your Bodies … GUYS!

Hey fashionable guys over there  and girls who want their guys to look stylish!

This is my first post regarding guy-dressing , a basic idea.

Magazines and fashion news and newspapers are all filled with umpteen number of do’s and don’ts for women and their body types, following the myth that there is nothing for the male body types but a simple shirt/tshirt and jeans. But this “MYTH” needs to be cleared soon , and to bring you , me and everyone into a brighter perspective , dressing up a male body type requires as much attention as females , may be even more.

Men come in all shapes and sizes, and like the women, there are particular styles and fabrics that would accentuate their body types more than the others. An extra tall men would want to look not-so-tall , while a short men would lust after a taller height. A fat man aches for a smaller belly while a lean, stick-like man would fancy a better built physique. Not everyone is gifted with a perfect body by God, but surely everyone is gifted with boundless options to make their body an illusion a little near to the perfect, in other words one can hide their physical flaws to a great extent. Not that you can cloak all your 100 pounds, or look as tall as Mr. Bachchan under a well trimmed and tailored suit, but it will, beyond any shadow of doubt hide those flaws.

There are very short sartorial adjustments that can go a long way towards making a man look a lot better looking. Knowing which to use and which to avoid is just a part of being a savvy and slick dresser.



Men with athletic physique (broad shoulder and narrow waist) are blessing with lock, stock and barrel of clothes suiting them. One of the most indispensable idea is ‘FITTING’. A proper fit is a crucial secret which takes you nearer to better looks.



For a tall man, breaking the height is a must and bold checks and chalk stripes are the saviours. Wearing ill fitted clothes to hide the height will only make them look shabby. Let the cuffs end at ½” to 2” below the wrist, avoid single colour overalls and wear a contrast belt to make the height look normal. Horizontal details are the key.


At the opposite end are the short men who amongst the group of tall men need to be noticed and appreciated. That means more eye catching styles like various colours and detailing (not horizontal, of course) which might include  same coloured trouser, shoes and belts , pin stripes and jackets with lapels. One thing again to be avoided here is loose or ill fitting clothes and the obvious height giving high heeled shoes.



For a heavy man, his major concern is to hide those extra pounds . Gymming might be the first indisputable option but not everyone takes the pain of doing that. An alternative, painless and manageable option is dressing the right way. Squeezing into tight fitted clothes is an absolute no-no, rather a sleek , and a slightly loose clothing in darker colours does the magic.



Where a loose fit flatters a heavier man , it completely threatens to swallow a thin man. The clothes should also be never to tight , but on a fitted side. Heavier fabrics with some textures add visual weight to the body like the tweed and corduroy. Details in the horizontal line is the key.

Every men can look their best regardless of their body types and their lust for a sexier physique, with these simple secrets and tricks. Just because you are fat or short , won’t stop you from looking the most stylish and flattering man in the room. Its all about Embracing your bodies!

Simple , isnt it?

I would come up with details on each body types in my next posts. Stay tuned to get yourself into the perfectly dressed list 🙂


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