Confident Women

Hello power packed fashionable women !

As the great saying goes “It’s a mans world” which women have started proving wrong in every field, from Mary Kom’s fighter spirit , to Kiran Bedi’s braveness , from Lady Diana’s elegance to OPRAH WINFREY’s courage!! Yes, women are truly ruling every sector of the world , matching men shoulder to shoulder.

But , even then we see women are being eve teased , and raped and assaulted and thought of as minority . One such personality , who went through assault was OPRAH WINFREY . She started with scratch .At the 6 of six, when ger family was poverty struck , she wore clothes made of potato sacks , and later at the age of 9 , she states being molested by men in the own family, and after years of abuses, she ran from her home at the age of 13.

Yes, you may be wondering how on the earth all this is related to fashion. Yes, it indeed is. She is an inspiration to all the women of the country and the world. After a childhood like this, today she is a star. She hosts television shows, and interviews the top rated celebrities and she acts as well! She has co-authored five books! If a lady like her can start from point-blank and reach a level where everyone just dream to rich , why not us.

So , being highly inspired by her , the second mood board I present is POWER CLOTHING .


The mood board itself says it all : SHE TURNED HER CANT’s INTO CAN’s & HER DREAMS INTO PLANS ! The idea is creating and wearing confident clothing. Yes, girls, the clothes you wear is a huge factor of your confidence graph !

My mood board depicts Oprah Winfrey, Confidence clothing , and some sketched of different women which means that whatever you do and wherever you belong, every women need to be confident and fight for her rights. EVERY WOMEN DESERVES!

The further fashion collection inspired by this would be power clothing . In other words sleek and well-tailored garments for women as well!



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