Embrace your Bodies – THIN MEN!

Hey Thinniess!!

I know it is sometimes a burden to be skinny, trust me, when people come and comment on your eating habits , or think of you as way smaller than your age even if you eat like a horse ! I am a victim myself. You must have tried umpteen number of thing to gain those extra pounds so as to get rid of those comments, but in vain!

I am here with the umpteen+1 trick for you, but this time it’ll surely work for you.

Here I go..

LOOK 1 :


                                                        courtesy  : polyvore

So , magic 1 is LAYERING . Layer adds on to bulk., which in turn creates an illusion of a heavier body. I have created a cluster which has :

1. cargo pants ( KEY – extra pockets) ,

2. tee-shirt (Key – not too loose, not too fitted)

3.  Jacket ( KEY – Layer ) ,

4. Belt ( Key – different colour)

5. Loafers

LOOK 2 :


courtesy  :  polyvore

This is a formal look. Not every thin guy can carry a suit properly, and its an absolute NO-NO for super-fitted suits and trousers. You won’t look less than a hanger!! The key idea is adding shoulder pads, and a straight fit trouser.

The cluster has:

1. Light Blue Shirt ( KEY – light colours always creates an illusion of weight)

2. Trousers  ( KEY – straight fit , and not skin fit)

3. Blazer (KEY – Shoulder Pads)

4. Socks (KEY – DIfferent colour than trousers)

5. Shoes , Belt (KEY – Different colour than trouser again, not contrast!!)

LOOK 3 :


                                                              courtesy  :  Polyvore

This is a semi-formal look. Generally, a concept goes with vertical stripes – vertical stripes are for fat , to make them look thin. So here I break this myth . Vertical stripes can actually make you look bulkier.  The idea is choosing the right stripes for you.



I hope the images clears it all. The above picture is pin stripes, which are used to make a person look thinner. But if you consider stripes which are thicker and placed at a distance, they can actually make you look a bit fat!! Trust me, on that!

Another trick used here is turn-up pants (chinos). They create a horizontal line, which also makes you look not-so thin!!

So, thin boys and men, what are you waiting for…, go ahead wear these fashion tricks and go ahead in front of those who comment , I bet you get a comment , but a different one this time.

P.S. Confidence is the common and important KEY!!

I hope this helps. See you soon 🙂



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