The CHANEL-ised Supermarket Show

Hello Fashion Enthusiasts…

You all must be very well aware that the designers have already come out with their collections for AUTUMN WINTER 2014-15 . I was recently going through those fashion show videos, and what I discovered was tremendous!!

“Fashion shows” – term in itself is enough for people to fabricate the idea of a long ramp, lights and pretty ladies waking glamorously in all the more pretty clothes. But REALITY CHECK!! The idea has gone a long way ahead today. It’s not just a straight ramp with models walking , its something MORE.. and More does means a 100 times more , thanks to the creative mind of KARL LAGERFELD, the creative head of the luxury brand CHANEL. Once he flows in a giant iceberg, and then he puts up an art gallery and then…….


Wondering what it is? Yes, you read it correct. This was the idea of Chanel this Autumn Winter 2014. He turned his show area into a Supermarket, with glaring grocery stuff everywhere , all Channel-ised!!

chanel supermarket1

Isn’t this just supercool!  The store had everything a general grocery has- detergents, bread loafs to eggs to everything , all Chanel branded.

Wait! There is more. This supermarket just earned wings when the pretty damsels walked in with perfect Chanel classiness and a Supermarket trolley! The models didn’t walk down the aisles straight. They roamed around the supermarket and filled their grocery baskets!


All the models walked with the grace of Coco Chanel and in boots and shoes with tweed clothes , to make it look as classy and as comfortable as it can be in a grocery store. But then , It was alas a ‘Chanel Store’ , the buyers needed to look poised, and the clothes did it all.

Damn! This is revolution, revolution in Fashion . The ramps are no longer the boring one’s. Standing Applause to Mr. Lagerfeld. Chanel’s bags, then pearls and now the runways … just can’t get enough of them.

What’ya think folks about this new volte-face in Fashion Shows. I’d love to grab on some of these Channel-ified goods. Would you?

We’ll be eager to what Karl Lagerfeld comes up next with.



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