Hello Aspiring Fashion Stylists,

So basically I never took interviews and neither I am a journalist , but then this Style-girl inspired me to write an interview. A very down to earth person, she came for a session in the college, and I found a part of her in me – so open , so cool and yet stylish.

Meet ‘ Ria Kanal ‘ , a stylist by Passion. When I first met her, I loved the way she described her work, her sense of spontaneity and style and her way to openly flaunt her miss-es , and I decided to interview her, and I am utterly delighted she agreed to let me interview her.


So all you aspiring stylists ,Read on to discover more about Ria Kanal , and how she made it big.

ME  – What have you studied , your educational background?
Ria  – Well, I started with my graduation in Business Economics in London. Later, I took up Masters in Fashion Communication and  finished it in Milan.

Me – What made you shift from Business Economics?
Ria – *laughs* So it was like, I was very interested in Styling my own self and there were days when I ended up trying and styling myself  in 50 different outfits a day and thats when I realised what my true passion was and thus the shift.

Me – What does “Fashion” mean to you?
Ria – Fashion to me is all around. It can be picked up from anywhere. The importance of fashion is very personal to every individual. It helps depicts one’s styles and personality. Fashion is a choice I make.

Me  – You’ve returned from Milan , what do you think about Fashion in India?
Ria – The Indian Fashion Industry is evolving at a fast pace! A lot of designers with contemporary designs have entered the industry now. It definitely has a great potential to be on the world map of fashion. India also has a rich and varied textile heritage, which  comes out in the collections of designers.

Me – How did you manage to put in your leg in the industry?
Ria – My return from Milan after my Post Graduation, took me to Grazia India where I interned  and after that I interned for 2 months in Harpers Bazaar and luckily got picked up by the leading Style-guru of India- Ami Patel, to assist her .

Me – How do you define YOUR personal style?
Ria – My style is originally very simple and monochrome. I believe “ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” , hence I keep my dressing to a minimal, sometimes adding a statement piece of accessory which brightens up my outfits.

Me – How long have you been in the industry?
Ria – Its just been around three years

Me – Which celebs did you manage to work with?
Ria – Oh not many, still I was lucky enough to assist in styling Priyanka Chopra, Aditi Rao Hyadri, Kunal Roy Kapoor, Akshay Kumar,  Lisa Hayden, and Swara Bhaskar.

Me – What motivates you to do what you do?
Ria – The pure love of dressing up people! The way their faces light up when they look good and  feel good in what I help them to wear, gives me an an immense high! Styling is like my drug.

Me – What is your favourite fashion quote?
Ria – “ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Me – What are your aspirations and future projects?
Ria – I am styling a wedding shoot pretty soon and would love to start my VERY OWN Image Consultancy , Personal Styling and a Multi Label Showroom soon 🙂

Me – How is it being a stylist?
Ria – Being a celebrity assistant stylist requires hard work and dedication. One must be  physically fit to run around and source clothes, footwear and accessories. So, all the aspiring stylists, start eating that Apple a day! 😀 Moreover, clothes are just the main thing you need to work in sync with makeup and hairstylist.

Me – You have styled Priyanka Chopra, under the guidance of AMI PATEL. What do you think about her personal style?
Ria – Priyanka Chopra has a great sense of style. Her style is grunge yet sophisticated. Her inner confidence allows her to carry any  kind of look – be it a Whether it be a “Ganji” and jeans or a beautiful DOLCE AND GABBANA gown!

Me – Your must have style accessory?
Ria – A WATCH!! It’s a savior when there is nothing else to wear. Also always carry a pair of Solitaire earrings with you. You never know when you’ll need them.

Me – Your favourite place for shopping and sourcing?
Ria – The Flea Markets in Milan, Italy and Hill Road, Bandra in Mumbai. There are some great accessory finds.

Me – Who is your dream celeb that you’d love to style?
Ria – I prefer menswear over women’swear styling, hence I would love to Style Johnny Depp.

Me – If you could change one thing in Indian Fashion Industry , what will it be?
Ria – The Salaries ! HAHA! 😀

Me – Who do you follow religiously ? Your Style Idol? Your favourite blogs and magazines?Ria – GRACE CODDINGTON for sure, she is one of the biggest style icons and her concepts  are just so amazing.

As for the blogs I really like PurpleWindow and the Sartorialist. It’s important to follow blogs as they post about everything and generate information regarding fashion. Magazines – I really like Grazia since it has a lot of street-style and everyday fashion stuff unlike Vogue which is too aspirational.

Me – So finally getting to the end of the loooong interview, any tips you’d like to give to  aspiring stylists?
Ria – Well there are many , the very first rule should be being on your toes with all the Fashion weeks. It’s very important to know  about the trends. Secondly, you should be very intelligent talker, and not be weak and meek when it comes to styling  personalities. Keep talking, Keep styling 😀

Well, That was a little-not-so-short interview with Ria Kanal , the growing and budding stylist of India.

I know all of you aspiring Stylists reading this, you’d be inspired by this lady of style , because somewhere down the line we all relate.

Lastly, I want Thank  Ria Kanal for giving your precious time and  for helping me with this interview.



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