Hit the Streets with BLUE!!

Hello Sunshine 😀

Summers are here in the best heated up moods and challenging that heat seems to be impossible. Trust me , I’ve been running to popsicles , juices and fruit stores lately, like a maniac!

Thinking over a Popsicle, I realized a way to challenge this unwelcomed heat! Yes, fashionising yourself with DENIMS will prove fatal for the heat this Summer. “Denims” : you definitely heard it correct!

It’s in vogue and will prove to be apple of each of our eyes in these dog days of summer!

You might as well be wondering what is so new about denims. I know I had the same reaction. But the designers are way too smart … Here have a look at their creative smartness :



In awe, I trust you all are in!! So am I, and ever so excited to try on this new hot , hot trend! From DKNY, to Balman to Moschino to Band of Outsiders, Creatures of Comforts to Rachel Zoe!! Everyone has contributed to this chic trend with utmost perfection!

Nothing can match fashion’s laidback style of Denim in every form possible. From distraught denims to patchwork-ed ones, from embellishments to fringed and faded ones. There is a choice of denim for every type of women and every type of occasion. When you have nothing to wear, Denim comes up as a savior. 😀

Here are some ways to wear Denims :



Boyfriend denims, though might not look flattering to every women, I’d suggest it’s the most comfortable and

laidback form of wearing denims. Pair with basic tee shirts and flats for daily use, and switch to heels for an altogether stylish look.






This distressed form on denims have invaded the runways and the street style diaries everywhere! Enter into a super-chic territory with these ripped jeans. Pair them with anything and everything, they’ll only ooze effortless style.





Summers are here, and this uber-chic patchworked denim is a grab-on! This 90’s comeback is here to stay! From college to day-parties to picnics , its just meant to flatter your body!






Ever considered, pairing up your denims and wearing them as matched pieces? If not, try them today!! Tuck the denim shirt in, or tie it as a crop top , open up the buttons or leave the shirt out, this style has numerous ways to be worn, and guess what, it will never look overdone or underdone! JUST PERFECT! My favorite ,favorite style!


So, Denim lovers, what do you think about this top-notch D-Trend! The Denims are waiting to be in your wardrobe!! 😀



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