Power Dressing- Illustrations

Hey Confident Ladies,

I made a mood board long back inspired by Oprah Winfrey and other confident women around the world . You all may have a look :


So, the mood board encouraged me to illustrate my ideas of confident clothing. Girls, there is a secret tip : The day you are low on confidence , wear confident looking clothes. It just changes the whole mood and outlook. Try!

So here goes  my illustrations :

1. Ensemble :

Chinese collar orange shirt (High neck shows power and confidence) + Aztec Printed Brown Skirt + Broad Black Belt + White Handbag



2. Ensemble :

Gingham Print One piece dress + Royal Blue Blazer (Blazer creates power and confidence) + Red Clutch




3. Ensemble :

Tweed Pencil Skirt + Lace Broad Shoulder Top (Broad shoulders creates power and confidence) + Wayfarers + Fascinator hatImage


So, What do you think about the illustrations and will you try on these confident clothing????



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