‘BE STYLISH’ with Pernia Qureshi





Walking through Crossword store  and the gaze fell on PERNIA QURESHI ‘s Be Stylish ! I picked up the book even without flipping the pages for once! And trust me , for all you uber-stylish girls, this style dictionary is one of a kind!

This style-guru is top-notch in her work, the girl behind the sensational looks of Sonam Kapoor, the Bollywood style queen. Who doesn’t get inspired by her immensely stylish attires!!

Talking about the book, Pernia Qureshi in her book is straight forward in her fashion sense and ideas. She elucidates the idea of what is style and how should one “ KNOW THYSELF” decently. Further she enunciates the dressing-by-body-shapes in detail where every women can relate. With Smart shopping quick tips and fixes, what to wear when according to the occasions and seasons , accessorizing and accenting your looks , makes it a complete book of style.

Her innate sense of style and her witty and comfortable style of writing makes the book difficult to avoid and grasps the style-lusting people’s mind to every extent.  Even after being the ultimate style guide, we cannot stop back and wonder if the book is really meant for common people or is it just for the elites and Manhattan-ians! She is a perfect epitome of Carrie Bradshaw with each chapter reflecting the high-end fashion statements as well as the luxury brands suggestions for shopping! What really puts off is the constant mention of her online one stop shop Pernia’s Pop-Up shop and Sonam Kapoor! Moreover the fashion jargons used would just bounce of the heads of common people looking for style advice. Had the book been adorned with perfect images for every idea portrayed it would have been the perfect style bible.

What brings beauty to her book is her personal take on style and fashion trends. The stunning album of her own personal style as well as her beautiful mother and her wardrobe being her style inspiration would inspired every girl at home to raid her mother’s closet!! Also , The little boxes of style tips is indeed what every person needs to know from how to buy vintage to rocking the boho looks , how to go with necklaces and some fashion mathematics ,  knowledge that was really needed by one and all!!

Even after being a luxury based style bible, I would really give the book a whooping thumbs up. Go grab your copy!!



Be Stylish with Pernia Qureshi, Random House, 299 INR 


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