DIY – From OLD to TRENDY !

Hola Creative Enthusiasts!

So it’s been long I came up with a blog post and Bang! here I am back again with a silly little tip you can use to make you old top go 2 steps up the trend meter!

Wondering How?

Let me show you. Do you have an Old Top which your adore and your soul cannot bare to throw it away? And do you have a bracelet which you love even more and would like to use it with almost anything! Voila! You’re done!





1. Your Favourite Tee-Shirt

2. Your Favourite Bracelet

3. Glue (If you want a permanent fixture, use a fevi quick/ fabric glue/ glue gun ; else a normal glue works well, I used a fevistick)



1. Check the placement of the bracelet on the neckline of the Top.

2. Apply glue , and stick.

3. Wear and flaunt it! 😀


How do you think about the easy-tweezy DIY style?

I’ll be back with some more 2-minute tricks soooon..


Till Then, keep flaunting… keep blah blahing!




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