Blogview : STYLE A to ZOE – RACHEL ZOE

Living in a world which is highly conquered by fashion and lifestyle by all means, there is without a shadow of doubt, a rat race in looking your ze best. Not only in parties and events, the idea of dressing to impress (self or the opposite gender, and in case of girls the same gender as well) even on the streets, is at the height of the topmost skyline. And in this uber-fashionable era, there is no place of fuddy-duddies. TRUST ME ON THAT!

You have money , you can buy the most expensive of the clothes. But what is the use if you wear them all wrong or pair it up with the most disastrous of accessories. On the other hand , if you have a tight budget, you always end up only dreaming of being a fashionista.

All the misconceptions proved crock of shit, by the ever-so-stylish American Fashion Stylist and a diva-in-herself RACHEL ZOE through her book STYLE A to ZOE – The Art of Fashion, Beauty and Everything Glamour. With her client list chock-a-blocked with A-list celebrities like Anne Hathway, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lawrence , etc to name a few, she takes you into her world of fashion and glamour and teaches you how to step out like a diva even in the most limited of budgets! Full marks to that!download

“If you show up looking a bit more glam than therest, whats the worst scenario? You look the best in the room?”

The book is cleverly and stylishly divided into 8 Chapters plus an amazing A to Zoe of Fashion and Glamour in the end. Starting with the technique of dreaming and boosting up everyone by telling it’s just one life, glam it up, was all needed to give the book a kick start. Her personal style is such which everyone of us can relate to- Simple , modern and alluringly chic , just add a little “wow” factor to glam it up. Know yourself- Get inspired- Interpret is her style mantra! From an elementary idea of uplifting a look with accessories to listing the crucial must-have jewellery, handbags and make up items makes fashion for amateurs effortless.

Rachel Zoe, through this style journal is humble and unpretentious. She teaches basic rules of glamming-it-up to the required mannerism in how to respond if invited in an event as well as tips in hosting a party like a dream.  She also has rules for how to appear in corporate sectors to just being home. What I particularly liked was how she elaborated on her idea of easy-PACKING! Phew! We all need to learn that.  And besides being a fashion stylist she is an interior stylist too! Also Learn how to redecorate your tiny spaces at home and workplace through this bible-of-style with the best of wit and humour and sense.

Being a celebrity stylist with contacts not below Hollywood stars and designers, she has chipped in fashion and style advises from Diane Von Frustenberg  Donatella Versace to Paul Starr(make up stylist) to even her sister and lot of others you all follow for your fashion rescues.

There’s a lot more to write about how less painful it’ll be for all of us to dive into the world of fashion after reading this style journal. I’d recommend each of you, to indulge yourself into this book and when you are at it’s end , all you’ll come out as a new fashionista (and wanting for more of RACHEL ZOE!) Grab this and have a leg up on your contemporaries.

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Style A to Zoe – The Art of Fashion , Beauty and Glamour , Great Central Publishing ,960 INR (on


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