KAREENA KAPOOR- The Style Diary of a Bollywood Diva : Blogview

All the Kareena Kapoor fans,  hail the queen-diva, because this Fashionista and epitome-of-class has penned down her world for all you crazy followers (and style lovers too)!


Kareena Kapoor shows off her inherent side with this style diary and indeed with its glossy pink doodled pages and fashion , skin, hair and relationship tips, it’s the whole world in 269 pages for every girl! Chatty, intellectual , realistic and genuine is what the book is . (Remember Kareena Kapoor in JAB WE MET?)


Kareena Kapoor has a style, be it in fashion or speaking and talking about things. Riveting , as the book is, it embodies Kareena’s upbringing as ‘Chubby Chica’ to her transformation to ‘Size zero’ and various other famous on-screen characters , from her innumerable fetishes like for shoes and her ‘FAB INDIA KAFTAN’ to the strict Yoga and diet charts, the well explained and the requisite under-clothes section ,her beautiful love- journey with Saif Ali Khan and most-importantly how to be Pose-ready (*wink*)!! Intriguing and engrossing and lively!


She comes out as blunt and true and doesn’t step back from speaking what she detests. She doesn’t even step back or regret the constant self-reinforcement throughout the book. Why not , ‘she is her favourite’ , without any doubt! Unapologetic and honest-to-goodness, is how Kareena and her debut book is. The only turn off is the clichéd style rules stretching over a dozen pages and the detailed rendition of the Yoga asanas, but who would mind reading them yet again when it comes from the diva herself! You must have heard a lot from the stylists’ end , but coming from a person and a client herself, would easily make you relate to quite a lot of tidbits.

A readable journal , that would satiate your craving for beauty ,fashion sensibilities , the Diva-ish taste , much-needed relationship and man-grooming advices and your appetite for everything girly! And lastly the book won’t spare you from having those constant dozes of chuckles! Smile your way through this unputdownable Kapoor journal.


KAREENA KAPOOR- The Style Diary of a Bollywood Diva ,  Penguin Books India , 699 INR


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