“I want to be like Serena , Mom. She is so classy”
We all have been a victim of such statements and equally a sucker for fashion that TV show and movie characters display. Fashion is indeed shaped by the on-screen characters , not today but from time immemorial. They have been our inspiration on what to wear and how and we don’t regret being susceptible to their fashion and style.

Here’s a list of leading fashion ladies who have wooed us. We completely heart their fashion sense.

1. CARRIE BRADSHAW (Sex and The City)

Sarah Jessica Parker

Who doesn’t know “CARRIE BRADSHAW” and her immaculate and outrageous fashion sense in Sex and the City. Many stylish TV characters have come and gone, but Sarah Jessica Parker a.k.a Carrie Bradshaw has left a fashionable mark like no other. Her bold fashion sense and the risk-taking flair has changed the fashion theory of almost every woman. She is the perfect epitome of dressing her instincts right. “BRAVE” and “EXPERIMENTAL” is what her Fashion Style is. Tutu Dress and her shoe-fetish has left an unconquerable mark .

“I’m not afraid of heights…have you seen my shoes?” – Carrie Bradshaw

Here’s to her fearless fashion:


2. CARRIE BRADSHAW (Carrie Diaries)
Anna Sophia Robb

Lesser known, but equally stunning, this young Carrie Bradshaw is bound to steal your hearts for her flawless dressing abilities, chock-a-blocked with electrifying colours, statement prints and daring jewelry. Her wardrobe may be full of 80’s style, but nevertheless we would die to embrace her style with open arms. Her fashion sense is all “MIX AND MATCH”, “ASPIRATIONAL” “UNIQUE” and “QUIRKY”, which we don’t see in routine life. Also, who can forget her distinctive nail polish splattered Carrie Bradshaw purse and her sporting curls which turned her into a sensation.

I feel like I have died and gone to heaven, a really really loud heaven – Carrie Bradshaw.

Here’s to her eccentric fashion :

3. REBECCA BLOOMWOOD (Confessions of a shopaholic)

Isla Fisher

This girl in the green scarf would shop just anywhere. A fashion obsessed young girl has an Eclectic Fashion sense. She wears tons of colors and prints, chosen from an array of sources. A Fashion and shopping freak Rebecca Bloomwood’s fashion Credit Bill can be described as “COMEDIC” , “ENERGETIC” , “VOLUMNOUS” ,”EYE-CATCHY” and “CLASSY “. She is the singular embodiment of Dressing Right! Not to forget her infatuation for Designer Labels and Vintage pieces.

When I shop , the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it’s not and I need to do it again” – Rebecca Bloomwood

Here’s to her All-Embracing Fashion Obsession :


Blake Lively
As much as we love the Gossip Girls season, their fashion abilities are strikingly iconic and loved. Serena van der Woodson, played by the beautiful Blake Lively is extraordinary in her style sense. Her signature style (of course, in the show) is classy and with a lot of textures. There is nothing that can abstain us from gossiping about this gossip girl’s fashion that can be described as “REGAL” , “CLASSY” and “EFFORTLESS”. She manages to look as if she has just stepped out of a dream.

“I fall asleep thinking about guys named Louboutin and Laurent” – Serena van Der Woodson

Here’s to the gossiping stunner’s fashion:


5. ARIA MONTGOMERY (Pretty Little Liars)
Lucy Hale

This liar is indeed fashionably pretty! Aria, the trendiest of all the liars is all ballsy for bold patterns , layering and edgy accessories. She is lover for mix and match and statement silhouettes. Aria is indeed a fashion stimuli for all the young teen girls. Matching a classy skirt with metallic top or mixing bold stripes with equally bold animal prints has been proved a child’s play by Aria. (Though , we still need balls to carry it off as immaculately as Aria does). Her style can be prettily describes as “PREPPY”, “EDGY” and “FUNKY”. There is always a Wow Factor in all her outfits, which makes us go weak in the knees.

I’m still finding my signature style- There’s nothing I wouldn’t try” – Lucy Hale

Here’s to her Unexpected Fashion Styles :


6. ANDREA SACHS (The Devil Wears Prada)
Anne Hathaway

Dynamic, at her best, Andrea Sachs shows an outstanding transformation from an ordinary girl-next-door to a Fashion chic. The euphoric change and how she carries off the Labels would land you in utter awe. Her fashion style was highly influenced by her place of work, but we would describe her style as “GLAMOUROUS” and “HIGH-STREET CHIC” . The Chanel in her attitude and dressing sense does the charm.

Here’s to her epic classiness :


So there you have it, all the beauties who managed to take our heart with their impeccable fashion sense. Whose fashion style do you relate to?

I’ll soon update you with the most stylish male TV-characters of all time, so all you dear guys , don’t be upset.

Until then , stay stylish.



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