Fashion is a high risk endeavor, and entertains no flub. You will always be under those screening eyes, scrutinizing you for every undesirable fashion mistake. The Fashion world is a flurry of everything enchanting just lacking a ‘drama-free serenity’ and so there are must-avoid fashion mistakes that are better known at the earliest.  Here is a list of things to REALLY take care of to avoid yourself from entering the land of fashion faux pas!


Skin has always been synonymous to glamour and sexiness – a little of it. Anything more than Little can change the look from sexy to bizarre.  The trick is to show some and let the rest remain for the onlooker’s imagination. If you are baring your legs, avoid showing off your cleavage at the same time and vice versa.



While showing off your bra straps or your panty-brand is fast becoming a trend, trust us, the trend is loathed.  There is a reason why they are called ‘UNDER’ garments! The lingerie brands have introduced undergarments for every dress type, EXPLORE! Wrong colored undergarments and visible panty lines, might be an instant turn-off.



Microminis and hot pants or bum shorts might make you ooze heat, but what is the use if they reveal what you’re wearing inside , or show that undesirable camel toe and keep you busy fidgeting with them all the time? The need is to increase an inch or two in your skirt or alternatively letting your body breathe by loosening the shorts accordingly.



A legging worn as pants is one of the most unflattering style of clothing. They may be the most comfortable option available but let them remain for your yoga sessions and bed times. No one would want to see that revealing butt along with the butt crack. Spectacularly Unimpressive!
If you’re a sucker for comfort, pair the leggings with tops long enough to cover your derriere.



Low-rise jeans have made through the fashion trend like none other, but jeans a little lower than the decent low waistline is a sure shot faux pas. Showing a strip of your underwear, or additionally your butt cleavage might be strikingly gross! Let the trend remain for the likes of Britney Spears. It hardly takes a few seconds to pull up your pants at the correct waistline and look decent.



If you’re too conscious about showing off your legs, but still want to wear your favourite skirt, and you end up wearing pants under your skirt , believe me you’re entering a Fashion Prohibited zone. A pant under a skirt can never go right. Too much of chaos for the eyes to bare.
If you’re really fond, try wearing skin tight stockings underneath, rather than those absurd pants.



We agree you’re a bright person and you’d like to show off the colours in you. But clubbing too many colours all together , would only make you look like a clown on a stroll. If the pants are bright , pair it up with a neutral blouse and the other way round. It won’t snatch away your colourful personality and make you look as quirksome as ever.



Animal Prints are wild and fun and so versatile, but only till you use them as an accent. Wearing head to toe animal prints is a serious fashion crime. Let the head to toe skin remain for the animals in the jungle. Also, pairing two or more animal prints together might is a strict no-no. Have you ever seen a giraffe and a tiger party together?
The simplest rule is to let that animal peep from one place , either through an accessory, or footwear or a top or a bottom!



The last of the list and the most overlooked fashion offense is sweat marks , especially on your underarms. You may be dressed in the best of the labels and the chicest of the outfits, but sweat marks blinking through the dress , might simply take away those extra points for your spectacular dress.
All you have to do is invest in a really good deaodrant.
P.S. Don’t end up opting for a deodrant that might choke the breath out of the people around you. Be subtle.


Silly as they make look, we all have committed these fashion crimes someday or the other. Lets be more conscious and laugh off the past fashion mistakes and take a pledge never to repeat them again.

Until then, stay fashionable, stay stylish.



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