It’s official.
Pantone announces the official colour of the year , and want to know how I like it the most? Right there, confidently residing on our lips.

A subtle yet seductive shade – MARSALA is the hottest shade to sport this year. Marsala is the warmest shade of wine red. We particularly love the shade because it accentuates the Indian skin tone like no other and looks nothing but stunning.

Image Courtesy : PINTEREST
Image Courtesy : PINTEREST

Lips are one such feature which can lift up the face with just a hint of colour on it. The year proudly proclaims sultry, stained lips as one of the major lip trends.
Professional finish to the lips is bygone. It’s time to STAIN the lips , just as the classic red wine would diffuse around the lips and give it a sexy appeal. The slightly smudged wine-stained berry lips make a bold statement , while looking subtle and attractive.

Image Courtesy : PINTEREST
Image Courtesy : PINTEREST

There is something about the wine-stained lips that is ethereal and titillating at the same time. Here’s how you can get the right stain –
1. Clean your lips and then apply a hydrating lip balm or Vaseline to smoothen the lips. The lip balm also acts as a moisturizer and prevents your lips from looking dry and cracked.

2. Choose your shade of Marsala (we recommend, the darker the better since the goal is to stain it).

Image Courtesy : PINTEREST
Image Courtesy : PINTEREST

3. Apply a light layer on the entire lip.

4. Apply a second layer, a little darker, on the inner rim of the lips and with your ring finger even out the colour by distributing the color to the corners of the lips.

5. Repeat the above step if you prefer a darker stain. Blot with a tissue if necessary.

Image Courtesy : PINTEREST
Image Courtesy : PINTEREST

Simple and suave, this trend is here to shout-out-sexy-loud. Long reign Marsala.

Stay stylish , Wear Marsala


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