New York Fashion Week is back with their stunning runways showcasing the best of designer ideas from couture to pret lines to everything that would make you wonderstruck. New York has been a dream city of many , and the Fashion week weaves the dreams of many fashion enthusiats and creates trends that are followed religiously by everyone.

This year NYFW, besides showcasing the best of designer wear, was a breakthough from the cliched runways , a runway ideation that has all the rights to be penned down in the golden book of fashion moments.

FTL MODA AW15 show – “LOVING YOU” which featured international designers in collaboration with Fondazione Vertical – an Italian Foundation supporting research to cure spinal cord injuries left everyone overwhelmed when their models bedazzled everyone on wheelchairs, with canes and amputees strutting the ramp in style and panache, along with some well-known models (… yes you did read it right)!

25B94F6B00000578-2955283-The_show_which_featured_international_designers_featured_disable-m-3_1424077170877 25B94F2300000578-2955283-British_personal_trainer_Jack_Eyers_became_the_first_male_ampute-m-2_1424077160850 25B8C6D900000578-2955283-Models_took_to_the_catwalk_in_wheelchairs_at_FTL_Moda_s_AW15_sho-m-1_1424077146977 FTL+Moda+Runway+Mercedes+Benz+Fashion+Week+sjqEmpsELR2x FTL+Moda+Runway+Mercedes+Benz+Fashion+Week+gIhFWA700VGx FTL+Moda+Runway+Mercedes+Benz+Fashion+Week+bOjZuTymi_Ux FTL+Moda+Runway+Mercedes+Benz+Fashion+Week+afsU-x2L7Ynx FTL+Moda+Runway+Mercedes+Benz+Fashion+Week+0EyLLivbsrux FTL+Moda+Runway+Mercedes+Benz+Fashion+Week+_CI219B0THYx 25B94F3300000578-2955283-The_show_s_producer_said_they_wanted_to_show_that_disability_is_-m-5_1424077194299 FTL+Moda+Runway+Mercedes+Benz+Fashion+Week+afsU-x2L7Ynx

The theme “Made in Italy” has some serious couture filled with colours and sheen. The collection went from feminine to avant garde to goth and each of the look as stunning and as awe-inspiring as ever. The styling wass well-defined and each one looked nothing less than a super-model.

The FTL Moda Show did embrace diversity well and revolutionised the way we looked at the term “Disability” .Disability is indeed just an illusion after the tremendous show put up by FTL Moda and their beautiful models.

A lesson well learnt : Imperfection is just a facade. Once you learn to embrace imprefection, nothing can stop you from leaving people inspired and from conquering the world you live in. Let nothing hold you back.
A history well made!


Loving it!


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