Where everyone is trying to cradle the idea of feminism , Lena Dunham  took feminism into an altogether different radar, through her debut book “NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL” , because indeed “there is nothing gutsier  than a person announcing that their story is one that deserves to be told, especially if that person is a woman.”

Lena Dunham, known for her TV series “Girls” was quite predictable in her book as learnt by the TV series. The  poignant , witty and unmasking set of essays has potrayed the unapologetic , outspoken and matter-of-fact stating lady as a girl who is so different , yet so common; a girl who is definitely “Not that kind of girl”.

Dunham , 29,  a young lady who through her book speaks volumes about how is it being a normal girl at different stages of life – from workplace to managing friendships, success, failures , love life and sex and finally death!!  Her essays might seem a bit stretchy and blunt , but what grasps major attention is her very original style of writing. Her lessons learnt would give you an doubtlessly different perspective at looking at certain things.
In a world where people choose to show credits towards their success’ , Lena Dunham bravely gave a shout out to the world about he flaws and reality, embracing them without a glitch. Her words are at their captivating best when she says :There’s a certain grace to having your heart broken” or even when she quotes her little sister as intruder. The hilarious interpretations makes the book chuckle-worthy.
As Lena Dunham quotes in her book : ” This story has everything : drama , jealousy , drunkenness, friendships ended and cats inherited ” , the book abides by the statement. If you’re planning to drift apart from cliched fictions or life stories, Not that kind of girl is sure to provide you a new arena of imagination or even if you’re looking for an inspiration to leading a life gracefully with flaws,  the book is at its best to leave you amused, chortles added.

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