Blogview : Conversations with Waheeda Rehman

Bollywood has provided a lot of beautiful faces to the world and we always remain smitten by them. One face which has always remained charming, graceful and timeless is “WAHEEDA REHMAN”.

Waheeda RehmanIMAGE CREDIT: Pinterest

The name is enough to make you go down the memory lane of classic Indian cinema and when there is a whole book solely dedicated to the lady herself, what else could be better! (sing along…. ‘Aaj fir jeene ki tamanna hai’)

Written by the well-known documentary filmmaker, producer and writer on Indian cinema NASREEN MUNNI KABIR, the book is a tete-a-tete documentation of the life of Waheeda Rehman.

Book review_cover

IMAGE CREDIT: Penguin Books India

The conversations bring into light the very honest, disciplined and simple Waheeda Rehman and her equally simple yet famed lifestyle. From being a part of love triangle in Chaudhvin ka chaand to playing a prostitute in Pyaasa to being a young wife in the highly acclaimed and superhit movie “Guide” , Waheeda Rehman has played a lot of unconventional roles , which she talks about beautifully in the chatty journal.

She fondly recites her journey from the black and white era to the Technicolor times , from her grounded childhood upbringing to her prominence in the world ; from her relationship with her parents and her sisters to her friendship with Guru Dutt, Dev Anand and her very close group of friends which included Nanda, Asha Parekh, Helen, Shammi Rabdi and Sadhna   to her work times with Amitabh Bachchan , Sunil Dutt to Amir Khan, the book is definitely an ‘Uncut’ version of Waheeda Rehman and her life enlivened by a lot of rare photographs you’d stare for long.


The still so beautiful Waheeda Rehman (isn’t she getting more beautiful with age!!!!)  decodes many behind-the-scene moments like the times when she refused to change her name in the films (which was prevalent during her time) and choosing her own costumes which leaves the directors shocked and many others that would make you smile and chuckle for sure.

I’d prefer not revealing more and let you go through the diary which is well written, recorded and presented. One thing I will surely assure you is you’ll fall in love with “WAHEEDA REHMAN” all over again, this time inside out!

Very readable, very clean and mild, this book should be in your shelves right away. I am already on WR movie marathon!

P.S. She has advice on acting as well. All you aspiring actors … grab it soon; it’s coming from Waheeda Rehman herself!

Conversations with Waheeda Rehman: Penguin Books India; 499 INR


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