Which Style of Flared Pants is for you

Gone are the days when it was just the “skinny” version of pants that were “IN”…  After several versions of skin tight pants … let us give a break to our pretty legs and let them breathe ‘coz the flared version are back and the good news is …. THERE IS ONE FOR EACH OF US… FOR EVERY BODY TYPE…

Don’t fret if you are teeny-weeny petite frame… or even if you’re Kim Kardashian Curvaceous… Scroll down to know which style can bring the best out in you ….

1. If you’re PEAR shaped (… bottom heavy) body type…the basic idea is to slim down your lower body. Opt for trousers which are fitted at the waist and flare out slightly below the knee. Team up a nice top that emphasizes on your neckline and you’re good to go.

Style Icon : Jennifer Lopez



2. Ladies, if you have an INVERTED TRIANGLE body type (… top heavy) … how we know that you are blessed with the perfect legs. Balance out the top heavy portion with detailed flared pants (… pockets or pleats, maybe). Pair with fitted blouse which don’t reveal much and voila ! You’re ready to rock the trend.

Style Icon – Angelina Jolie



3. Shoot! That tummy ! If you’re APPLE body type , it’s easy enough to hide that in. Pick up a mid-waisted flared version of the pants. The technique is to balance the upper and lower portion . Hence, let the flare not be too flared, more like boot-cut. Pair it with loose tops or fitted top and a blazer to look tres chic.

Style Icon – Drew Barrymore


4. RECTANGLE body type .. you’re lucky .. because you can pretty much pick up any style you want. Experiment as much, ‘coz no matter what the flared version is totally in your court.

Style Icon – Anushka Sharma



5. Let’s talk about the perfect body type .. the HOURGLASS. We know the perfect curves you are adorned with. Show off the curves by opting for flared pants that fit in perfectly at the waist and flare out from the knees .. the bell-bottom style. Wear it with tops that cinch at the waist or add a nice belt to focus your tiny

waist .

Style Icon – Deepika Padukone



P.S. If you’re PETITE, we know the short height can make you conscious when wearing a flared pant. Avoid an overall baggy version and pick up a well-fitted one. Let the hemline be not too short or too long. Wear it with your favorite pair of heels and you’re taller and trendier.

The basic rule is more the flare of your pants, equally well-fitted your top should be (unless you’re at your creative and quirkiest best!)

Comfortable and glamorous, flared pants are indeed a must-have in your wardrobes. We insist, give them a try.


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