NAILS can tell a lot about your Health

We spend a lot of time fretting about how our skin looks or how are our hair. We consistently work towards achieving healthy skin and hair, often neglecting the other parts which may speak volume about our health and lifestyles as well.

Our NAILS are one such speaker. While on one hand we spend a lot of time decorating them, we often neglect the signs they are prominently showing about our weak health.

Let’s take a few minutes out to know about our health. … and the secrets hidden beneath those prettily painted nails:

1. Often , our nails seem embarrassingly yellowish or pale, when they should be pink with health. One reason is definitely overuse of nail paints. If that’s not the case, it means the nails are infected with fungi or in worse cases it might be a symptom of diabetes.     yellow_capitalfm-co-ke

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CURE IT: by scrubbing your nails with lemon.

2. The pale or white spots or lines on fingernails should never be neglected. We repeat, NEVER. They suggest Anaemic conditions.

white spots_chiclips-com

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CURE IT : by including iron-rich food in your diet like spinach.

3. Soft and flexible fingernails are again a sign of deficiency in your regular diet, majorly in vitamins and biotin.


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CURE IT: by eating egg yolks , avocados and a lot of cheese.

4. Horizontal Lines on Nails are never acceptable. Not only do they spoil the beauty of nails, but they are a red signal that you are under-nourished and its high time you consult a dietician.


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CURE IT: By drinking enough water and eating zinc-rich food like pumpkin seeds.

5. Nails are multiple layers of cells and proteins. If your nails start peeling and losing structure , it’s a shout out for immediate attention. This generally happens when your nails are exposed to cold weather or water.


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CURE IT: By increasing the intake of vegetable oils. Alternatively, keep on moisturizing the nails with cream.

6. Brittle Nails can be a struggle. If your nails break off frequently (which they should not!), it’s important to know that your thyroid might be weak and your body lacks sufficient iron content. and you should consult a doctor.


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CURE IT: By increasing overall intake on iron-rich food and moisturizing your nails with warm coconut oil

7. If you find yourself biting off your nails time and again (.. which may we say is a habit not so acceptable) , it is a sure suggestion of your anxious and stressed lifestyle.


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CURE IT: By changing your lifestyle and including stress-free activities at least an hour a day.

Nails surely reveal a lot about what;s going on in the inside. My suggestion, keep examining your nails and be nicer to them 🙂


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