Blogview: The lazy girl’s guide to being fit

The world has become so busy, and will be busier in the days to come. We are either immersed in our work, sitting on our desks for multiple hours or end up being lazy, sitting on our couches deeply into TV and video games and let us not forget online shopping! We have become reluctant to get up and move a little yet crave for bodies we see on the very same television sets!

Every girl wants to be fit, good-looking and devoid of any weariness. But alas! Laziness prevails. Losing weight and skipping on our favorite dishes can look like a far-flung idea , and here’s when you need to pick up the book “LAZY GIRL’s GUIDE TO BEING FIT” by Namrata Purohit ( Pilates trainer and fitness enthusiast), for she’ll make sure you get out of that couch, out of your comfort zone and make your body a better comfort zone than the couch.


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For the people who are wondering about the author, Namrata Purohit is the youngest (.. and may we say amazingly inspirational) fitness trainer, specializing in Pilates. Her clients include Lisa Haydon, Jacqueline Fernandez, Hazel Keech, Ellie Avram, Lauren Gottlieb, Neha Dhupia and many others.


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Namrata, through her book guides to get up and take a plunge from lazy lifestyle to a super active one, from being a lazy-bum to having a sexy-one! She clearly explains the side effects of not being active and the positive aspects of exercising and workouts. She is motivational throughout the book and also tells how to motivate your own self.

The book starts with a questionnaire that would immediately make you feel more inclined towards the idea of exercising. Further chapters cover various exercise techniques and their effects. She lists down various workout routines from a 4-minute routine to 60 minutes one and makes it simple for exercise amateurs to pick up their workout routine. She also suggests various fun activities from shopping to horse riding to dancing to even going to parties that might help burning the right amount of calories , which is the most attractive part of the book for lazy girls like a lot of us.

As the theory goes, no exercise is fruitful without appropriate nutrition , Namrata makes sure to let her readers know the importance of proper diet and explains how to pick your food without having to skip much on your favorite dishes.

What catches attention and makes this book awesome is being a Pilates specialist, Namrata talks about every possible form of exercise and doesn’t promote just Pilates. Also, she comes out as a perfect conversationalist for she mentions a lot of her experiences with her clients (.. which includes some of the fore-mentioned celebs) to even her holidays. Along with making you want to exercise right away, she makes sure you’re scuba diving or horse riding in your next trip!


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If you’re looking out for your kind of workout routine which will keep you on your toes and inspired, pick this book right away , ‘coz this fitness guru will make exercising your religion by the end of the book and further keep you motivated.
The Lazy Girls Guide to Being Fit, Namrata Purohit ; Random House Publications ; 299 INR

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