Blogview- Mrs Funnybones

After the recent knee-slapping launch of the actor turned interior designer Twinkle Khanna’s debut book – “MRS FUNNYBONES – SHE’S JUST LIKE YOU BUT A LOT LIKE ME” , it became mandatory to just roll over the 230-pages of this book and dive into facts from the sassy Mrs. Funnybones. Indeed, we must say it was a laughter riot, a priceless one!

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For those who have been following her blogs under the pen name Mrs Funnybones ,might have already accomplished the fact that behind the pretty face, Twinkle Khanna has that twinkle in her personality (.. one full of wit and sarcasm) that would leave people pondering over what she said and later end up chuckling, because she sure knows how to plug it in and leave a spark!

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The sharpness is caught from the index ofthe book, which makes it don’t-wait-any-further-and quickly-read-it kind of a book. Turning the pages, she proves herself less like a celebrity and more like an typical modern-Indian woman juggling her life between her personal, professional and a Daughter-In-Law life! (Yes, that’s an altogether different story from personal life, isn’t it? ) Without naming her actor husband Akshay Kumar, or mother Dimple Kapadia, she has penned down the book with satirical simplicity.

Twinkle Khanna a.k.a.Mrs. Funnybones takes a stinging dig at herself, and further her closest ones and some strangers, with elegance which makes the book a delectable read. Reading about the ordinary life of a highly famed personality in the utmost transparency is a style not everyone can offer.

From self to strangers, mother to mother-in-law, children to neighbors, pets to people , festivals to days of menstruation , the wisecracker-lady has her opinions to offer abo
ut everything under the sun , without any hesitation or bitterness in her tone .

Mrs. Funnybones sure is like you …. For she has the same set of routines to go through everyday like a lot of us….. but a lot like her (Twinkle Khanna), ‘coz definitely it’s all about her. Indeed, the book is light-hearted and full of perfect observations which we all can relate to. . It’s a book you wouldn’t want to leave without finishing it at one go… and sigh when it’s over.
Don’t miss this one! We can’t stop recommending enough!

Mrs Funny Bones by Twinkle Khanna, Penguin, Rs299.


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