A masked killer, multiple murders and a deep dark secret, Scream Queens, starring Emma Roberts as “Chanel” and her so-called minions by the name Chanel no. 1 , Chanel no. 2 and so on is a perfect watch for the mystery-loving souls.   . While the names definitely grab attention, the Chanels and their fur-adorned chanel-esque outfits are to die for.

Scroll to know why we are so smitten. I bet your wardrobe will crave Fur immediately :

image 1

This Jacket styled as cape is cute yet bold.


Image 2

Multi-colored fur has never looked so stylish.


Image 3

Color Blocking and fur. I’d like one like this sooon!


image 4

This furry dress is all glam. I love the belt and earrings along with it.


Image 6

Image Via: Pinterest

The little fur on the lower-half skirt somehow makes the outfit totally awesome.


Image 7














Fur seems to have no style boundaries. This fur stole is a grab-it-now piece.


Image 8

Yet again!

Image 9

That hat !!!


Image 10

Jewel-toned vest-jacket on florals.? A  big green signal!


Image 12

This fur-feather-fascinator combination is killer. Isn’t it?


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