BANI THANI – A Silk Debut by Mahotsav

‘If it subdues your charm you, it’s not for you. If it’s for you, it will empower you.’

SAREE is in itself a cloth that empowers, a purest form of apparel that’s unstitched still the magic of its drape is eternally enchanting.  Saree is a clothing that’ll never cease to charm and make you look charming. Saree is beauty and when draped on a women becomes multiple times more beautiful.

The royal regalia of India and its cultural heritage is amusing and has always been a land of the magical six yards drape while always being rich and prosperous in its form of silks and textiles.

Mahotsav Group, a renowned ethnic wear brand has always been fashion-forward while maintaining its high admiration and love for India, its roots and cultures and its authentic fashion and style.

Mohatsav Logo new10Nayonika

With the ever classic silk sarees hitting the boom with the fashion industry, Mahotsav marked its remarkable debut with Silk Sarees presenting an evocative and beautiful ode to the Indian tradition and named its collection as BANI THANI.


BANI THANI is a local Indian phrase that means decked and dressed up beautifully. The whole collection exudes an entirely traditional feel while bearing a contemporary style to it. Each saree has been curated in bright jewel tones that will not only steal your heart, but make a commendable impression on your ethnic fashion souls.

With Miss India Grand International 2015 – VARTIKA SINGH as the muse,  each saree was styled impeccably in a traditional yet unique manner that’ll inspire your look for your next wedding or traditional event. It was a pleasure to work with the talented lady and style her.

Scroll down to see the exquisite collection by Mahotsav . I bet you’ll love the collection as much as I did.

P.S. I do have a little note from the gorgeous Vartika herself ….























Isn’t the collection exotic?

You can shop the collection on :

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I had a blast shooting with this beautiful beautiful diva and we didn’t miss clicking some crazy boomerang videos too… 😀

And as I promised the authenticity of this collection is surely guaranteed by none other than our Miss India winner and actress :

“It’s one of my most favourite saree brands and I love it more because of you Riya . I love the designs and the work on the sarees and these sarees are very elegant.  You can wear them for a wedding and for a traditional puja or any other ceremony at the same time. So in short these are multi purpose, elegant pieces of art. I always fall for a few of these sarees while shooting



Well, Thank You Vartika !


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